"Volkonir" as a term may refer to many things on this database.



  • "Volkonir," as in "Volkonir Mode," another way of indicating that Vinny's Golden Lion powers are being applied to someone else or used to enhance their power. Example: "Semaphry, Volkonir Mode" or "Kayla in Volkonir Armor."



  • Volkonir: The Series: A planned series of around 2 seasons, regarding Vinny's adventures in Montana with Dr. Hanom and friends battling King Gwirmalesh and foiling the Gwirdons' evil schemes and monsters - before the Knights of Cortascius are restored fully.


  • Volkonir: Rise of Semaphry: A planned ending to Volkonir: The Series, that would be written as if to be a feature film. It would allow Kayla Tarington to become the new Semaphry, and would eventually give rise to The Knights of Cortascius as a series follow-up to Volkonir: The Series.
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