Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers is a crossover fanfiction webcomic that was produced inside The Sims 4, combining in-game approximations of the cast of the original Power Rangers TV series' first season with their film counterparts, with the Emo Rangers, and with various characters from the Dozerfleet Megaverse.

It was first released to Mod The Sims on June 18th of 2017, and was completed on July 7th of that year around 5:02 AM EDT.


"How many henshin heroes does it take, to save five timelines from one threat?"


Gwirmalesh sends the ultra-powerful and psychotic / unstable Slaisionnach to steal a new device rolled out of the factories of HanomCorp, one capable of operating as a glorified Percolation Wand to communicate between the different dimensions created by the Divergency. However, Slaisionnach foolishly attempts to activate the device mid-battle between himself and Volkonir, while Masato and Carlos are battling Hiktomoph and the Treaders. This traps three different Power Rangers in Volkonir's world, and Volkonir in theirs - along with Kayla. While Volkonir is able to help the remaining Rangers of that world easily deal with their local problems, he starts growing weaker due to the Tapestry and Grid not being 100% compatible. Meanwhile, the displaced Rangers quickly find themselves in more trouble than they can handle. Realizing his slacking on security for the device has proven costly to these strangers, Hanom turns to MODM for help to make things right. MODM answers the call...along with some unexpected sources of additional help.


Following the defeat of Seirsionnach, Gwirmalesh decides to step up his game by sending the defeated monster's psychotic and extremely powerful cousin Slaisionnach to steal a new device rolled out of the factories of HanomCorp called the "PercoDome," one capable of operating as a glorified Percolation Wand to communicate between the different dimensions created by the Divergency. Gwirmalesh believes this will allow him faster access to the multiverse, allowing him to conquer more worlds faster and bypass the need to defeat Volkonir first. However, Volkonir and Masato intercept Slaisionnach, and the conflict leads to Slaisionnach damaging the machine while testing it out. The device causes massive instability in the Percolation Wave, eventually trapping Slaisionnach, Volkonir, and Kayla in the world of the 1993 Rangerverse - a pocket dimension of the Dromedeverse in which the Power Rangers exist. Volkonir and Kayla are sent to the Rangerverse immediately. Slaisionnach is able to remain a short while in the EccentriaVerse before being trapped in the Rangerverse himself.

Zack, Trini, and Jason find themselves on HanomCorp research grounds outside of Bozeman, and are immediately assaulted by Treaders. Unaware they are being watched from a distance by Carlos, they morph to stand a better chance against their new adversaries. Jason goes off to help Masato against Slaisionnach, as Masato appears to be losing the fight. Zack and Trini battle the Treaders morphed. Right before they morph, however, Carlos panics and calls the police to report civilians trespassing. Slaisionnach is able to slice right through Jason's suit, and injects venom into Jason's arm. He attempts to slit the throat of the de-morphed Jason, but is forced to fall back by an enraged Masato. He leaves Jason for dead, but soon finds himself transported to the Moon Palace. Masato and Carlos retrieve Jason, and contact Hanom for help. Hanom scolds Carlos about calling the police over a Percolation so soon, and helps them administer an anti-venom for Slaisionnach's venom. Jason loses consciousness regardless, and is taken to the hospital for a "severe rattlesnake bite."

Vinny and Kayla are assaulted in the Angel Grove Park by LlamaDog and some Putties; but Kayla easily disposes of the Putties, given her prior experience with the slightly-more-component Treaders. Volkonir dodges some of LlamaDog's energy blasts, mogrifies into his Golden Lion Knight armor, and kills LlamaDog with a single kick. Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy arrive on the scene a short while later. Rita, on the moon, is shocked and horrified by how easily the new face in the park was able to dispose of her monster. She orders Finster to send Super LlamaDog to finish the job, this one proving tough enough to warrant a Zord battle. However, Tommy and Volkonir discover that Selshon can interface with the Dragonzord to lend it a temporary update, making it strong enough to beat the monster without any additional Zord assistance. Vinny and Kayla are then taken to the Command Center for assessment - and to ensure Rita can't put Volkonir under a spell. It is feared that with as strong as he is, him being turned evil would make him a credible threat. Kayla is also scanned, to ensure she is safe. Both Vinny and Kayla are given a treatment by Alpha to ensure that Rita can't mind control them for several hours.

Zack and Trini, meanwhile, get lost after the Treaders disperse. They begin discussing their feelings for each other, when the Bozeman police locate them. They are quickly arrested, and are booked when their Angel Grove IDs don't match any database records. A news report tips off Hanom to what has happened, and he contacts MODM in desperation to come up with a plan. MODM reveals that the only way to switch Volkonir and the displaced Rangers back to their proper dimensions now is to kill Slaisionnach, and promises to send some help of his own choosing. Hanom also asks Vanessa to join him as he attempts to bail the two arrested Rangers out of Gallatin County Jail. Carlos and Masato are placed as guards in Jason's hospital room. Trini attempts to cope with being in jail; but finds her cellmate, Vanna Oversteel, unbearably annoying.

Slaisionnach is quickly welcomed by Rita after revealing he "killed" Jason. The Moon Palace villains decide to give Slaisionnach some upgrades, so that he can finish off the remaining Rangers and also punish Angel Grove in ways most of Rita's monsters can't. His DNA is also used to modify a batch of Putties, turning them into the homicide-inclined and venomous Slaisionnutties. The monster Clownscavator is made Slaisionnach's sidekick, just in case he needs one. Hanom's attempt to bail Zack and Trini out fails when the police find every possible excuse to stonewall him. This forces Hanom to rely entirely on MODM's discretion, much to Vanessa's displeasure. Gwirmalesh, meanwhile, decides that Slaisionnach's destabilization of the multiverse is too dangerous. He elects to sit out the rest of the conflict until a more opportune moment arrives to attack. While Hiktomoph is saddened at the lack of action, Mogabir defers to Gwirmalesh's wisdom on the subject.

MODM sends the 2017 Rangerverse Rangers to the EccentriaVerse, along with the Emo Rangers. Billy stays behind at first, so his own universe isn't left unguarded entirely - and to keep Melanie Sheer of APEX at ease. Jason and Zack wait outside the police station for further instruction, and become acquainted with Stef, Ross, Luke, Fai, and John. Kim provides a diversion for the police, while MODM comforts Zack. Trini 2017 heads with Vicken to infiltrate Trini 1993's cell and cheer her up, before MODM teleports his team to 1993 Angel Grove.

Slaisionnach is revealed to have forced denizens into the Abandoned Warehouse District, in order to increase civilian casualties. Volkonir, Tommy, and Fai attack him directly. Luke and Jason decide to team up against Clownscavator - who is revealed to have become more aggressive due to exposure to Slaisionnach. Billy and John head off in a different direction to battle the Slaisionnutties. Ross and Zack form another strike team. Trini and Vicken form yet another. Kim 2017 holds back briefly, while Kim 1993 and Stef battle Slaisionnutties. This is because the two Zordons fear that if the Kims are morphed simultaneously, it could lead to problems.

At one point, Slasionnach decides to compromise the Twin Towers prison near LA. The extra calamity this creates leads to the heroes having to regroup. The 1993 and 2017 Power Rangers attempt to continue aiding Volkonir and fighting off the Slaisionnutties, while the Emo Rangers focus nearly all their efforts on Clownscavator. When Kimberly of 1993 experiences a critical power failure and Volkonir's armor begins to fade from taking too many hits from Slaisionnach, Kimberly of 2017 arrives and discovers Slaisionnach's enhanced fangs via Rita are weak against ceramic. She smashes his left growing extendo-fang using a Biggby mug she stole from Volkonir's apartment earlier. This exposes a weakness inside the fang, which she shoots to significantly weaken Slaisionnach and send him regrouping. Kim later promises to replace Volkonir's mug, though he's still not particularly happy with her for using his reminders of Big Rapids as weapons.

Billy sacrifices the remainder of his morph to recharge Volkonir, and Tommy gives his Dragon Shield to Volkonir as well, to create the Tricera-Dragon-Lion Knight. Kimberly finds herself amidst a maze of chaos and her communicator gets damaged. Kayla is sent in to rescue her, and convinces a prison gang leader named Barb Weston to call attention away while Kayla completes the rescue - by bribing Barb with a pen that she and her cellmates can fashion into a shank against the Slaisionnutties. Kimberly is horrified by the fact that Kayla is so adept at prison culture and language, yet grateful for Kayla rescuing her all the same.

Realizing that Slaisionnach has been damaged badly, Rita finally grows him. However, she has forgotten about Clownscavator. The Emo Rangers summon the Mega Emo Fight Bot, and step on Clownscavator before Rita can remember to grow him too. The DragonZord is summoned, and is interfaced with Volkonir. However, it proves to be of little use against Slaisionnach on its own. The two Billys switch universes with MODM's help briefly, so that the 2017 Rangers can form their Megazord to save 1993 Angel Grove. Slaisionnach proves to be hard to beat for all three mechs sent after him. Panicking, MODM summons the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers to assist. Slip-Sadie trips up Slaisionnach while the others in their ship fly by and shoot at him. This weakens Slaisionnach just enough that an unorthodox MegaDragonzord combination is tried using the 2017 Megazord combining with the Dragonzord. This, plus the Mega Emo Fight Bot, deliver the final blow to Slaisionnach and defeat him. However, MODM's overexertion leads to Smug Wendy and Stephanie Meanswell also winding up in Angel Grove.

It's a short time after the Zords disconnect, that Vinny and Kayla find themselves back in their home universe. Jason, Zack, and Trini all find themselves at the Command Center - still dressed in the garb of their institutions but with all their possessions having Percolated back with them. Zordon assures that team of Rangers that things are quickly returning to normal - though they may still have to attend quite a few funerals. The Emo Rangers also find themselves back in their homeworld, where Captain Emohead gives them some exposition. The team decide to go to Crosstown for donuts, as the Krispy Kreme-loving PRCU Rangers gave them a sudden craving.

To celebrate with the remaining Rangers, MODM takes Vinny and Kayla with him to the 2017 Rangers' universe. Kimberly is able to buy Vinny a new Biggby Coffee mug, while MODM explains that pre-2018 in the streams, Big Rapids is one of the least varied cities in the multiverse, making it almost qualify as a multiversal singularity. They celebrate their victory inside the Mancino's Pizza and Grinders of Big Rapids. After this, and a brief tour, MODM sends Vinny and Kayla home again.

The 2017 Rangers arrive home in time to learn of yet another disaster that is assumed by APEX to be related to Goldar or Rita somehow, and the arrival of "Pudgy Pig." The Rangers promise to check it out. Meanwhile, Melanie warns them that a fanatical group called the "Silver Guardians" is forming, believing APEX isn't doing enough to keep alien threats in check. While APEX will only attack if the Rangers really step out of line, the Silver Guardians regard the Rangers as threats to be taken down equally with all the alien threats. The Rangers assure Melanie that the risk to themselves is duly noted, and they proceed to go in pursuit of the threat that was reported. They are annoyed by her flirty antics of trying to deduce their identities. However, Melanie deduces who Jason is and then promises not to tell - provided he behaves.

Back in the EccentriaVerse, Masato prepares to return to Japan. Vinny and Kayla are simply happy to be home again. Their celebration on Vinny's back porch doesn't take long, before more Gwirdon Treaders are spotted in the distance. Team Volkonir and Masato quickly head to the spot to investigate, noting that some things never seem to change.

Mid-credits scenes

One scene reveals that MODM's overexertion of self has led to Stephanie from LazyTown getting temporarily trapped inside the Emoverse, as Luke now has to defend her from the Hoodie Patrol. He is unable to get much help from the other Emo Rangers, for a variety of reasons. This includes Fai being Percolated to the universe of Cherinob. Milly Bays in the Dromedeverse begins selling Power Ranger and Emo Ranger costumes. This nearly puts Barry on suicide watch, with Antonio's sympathy. MODM tries to date Smug Wendy, though Stan doesn't entirely approve. Anita and Gwen chime in their opinions on the subject also, and Wendy is offended by the girls' loyalty to Grillitan Diner. The Phaemer Village Peacekeepers dance inside 90s-style graphics to the end credits, in a parody of the 80s-retro-style graphics that the Guardians dance to in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.


Main article: Extended cast list and descriptions

The usual main characters of Vinny Mason, Kayla Tarington, Carlos Modi, Vanessa Kwan, and Dr. Hanom appear in the beginning, along with their new friend Masato Yoneda from Japan - the Spectral Hare Samurai. Events are set shortly after those in the "Knight and Samurai" saga, as HanomCorp and Sorisenshi are still negotiating a merger. The villains Gwirmalesh, Hiktomoph, and Mogabir are back, along with the Gwirdon Treaders. They've unleashed a new monster this time: Slaisionnach. He is the cousin to Seirsionnach, and a lot more bloodthirsty.

Due to Slaisionnach's actions with the device he steals from Hanom, the multiverse is rendered unstable. Characters from other universes begin appearing. This includes the 1993 Power Rangers. This leads to chaos quickly, and MODM from Camelorum Adventures brings six of the Emo Rangers into the equation to revolve matters - along with an alternate continuity version of the Power Rangers. The Phaemer Village Peacekeepers, Savage / Smug Wendy, and Stephanie from Lazy Town also make cameo appearances.



Volkonir and the PRCU Rangers.

While no real-life locations were used in this production from actual photography, a handful of sets were used in-game based on locations both in real life and in various shows and films.

Eccentriaverse locations

  • HanomCorp R&D research grounds: Where the Rangers first appear in Volkonir's world.
  • HanomCorp R&D Elite Secret HQ: Location of most of Hanom's secret operations involving Volkonir and Cortascian finds.
  • Vinny's apartment: An apartment building shell built on the same lot in Windenburg as the Secret HQ. It is meant to resemble Kagy Village Apartments in Bozeman.
  • Chestnut Mountain Lair: The Gwirdons' evil lair, housing their entire underground-dwelling race. The lot for this is located in the Sims 4 neighborhood of Windenburg.
    • Gwirmalesh's throne room: The place where Gwirmalesh meets and holds court with his fellow Gwirdons. It is here that he rules with an iron fist. His section of the lair is designed to resemble Lord Zedd's throne room. This is consistent with the fact that early ideas for Gwirmalesh's voice were also modeled after Robert Axelrod's voice work.
  • HanomCorp R&D Warehouse and Office Center 1
  • Montana State University: Where Vinny and Kayla are attempting to get degrees, per their programs via HanomCorp. Since this location cannot in full be depicted respectably in Sims 4, some footage of it is actually Sims State University as depicted in The Sims 3: University Life.
  • WW Lessley Law and Justice Center / Gallatin County Detention Center: Supposed location of the Bozeman Police Department, where Zack and Trini get taken. However, much of the custom lot for this is modeled after the default police station seen in Get to Work. The jail cells are customized. The arrested Rangers are quickly booked and processed into county, due to the fact that the county jail is right next to the station. It is arguable a more realistic police station could be used for the Bozeman Department in Volkonir's actual series, but this set was used in this comic for convenience.

TV Rangerverse locations

  • Downtown Angel Grove: Usually played in the show either by downtown LA, or by downtown Tokyo sets when Zyuranger stock footage was employed, it's portrayed here by several elaborate sets built inside the game - most of them in Willow Creek. Mirrors and building facades scattered about helped to create the illusion of a larger city than what was actually possible on a 64x64 tile in-game lot.
  • Command Center: Never shown from the exterior in this story, the interior is a crude re-creation of the set that was used on the show from 1993-1996. The lot was set inside of Newcrest, not far from the lot used for concept stills for Camelorum Correctional in Camelorum Adventures. The exterior used for the TV series was the Brandeis-Bardin Institute in Simi Valley.
  • Angel Grove Park: Various park locations in The Sims 4, and part of a residential lot, served as stand-ins for Angel Grove Park. In the actual series, numerous parks in California were stand-ins for Angel Grove's.
  • Century Regional Detention Facility: Located in the greater Los Angeles area, this is the prison implied to be the setting where Slaisionnach and the Slaisionnutties strand 1993 Kimberly, right as Kayla is sent by Alpha to rescue her. However, the exterior of it where Slaisionnach and Clownscavator are finally killed off is shot inside of the San Myshuno Park in The Sims 4, which has been altered with 3rd-party mods and lots to look like the West Georgia Correctional Facility from The Walking Dead (which is actually the back lot of a studio in Atlanta.)
  • Moon Palace: The setting where many Power Rangers villains operated and originated from for the first three seasons. Only a small section of a poor re-creation of it is ever shown in two frames in the comic, as details needed for a better re-creation didn't exist for the game's format. Rita and Slaisionnach are the only characters ever depicted inside. Both the series version and Sims 4 version are modeled after the Bandora Palace set from Zyuranger, though details on that set are scarce.

PRCU locations

  • Angel Grove Rock Quarry: The area around where the Rangers first find their coins is comprised of various rocks on a lot in the Sims 4 world of Oasis Springs. Angel Grove in this version appears to be a small fishing town in California modeled after Santa Barbera. However, the filming for the actual movie was done mostly in the Vancouver area in Canada.
    • Command Center: A specially redone residential lot in Oasis Springs was used for the crash site of Zordon's ship. A miniature version of "the Pit" is included. A special wallpaper was designed to depict Zordon on the wall.
  • Big Rapids: Said by MODM to be the least-varied town in the multiverse pre-2018, almost all versions of Big Rapids before then are "nearly exactly the same, down to the last detail." According to MODM, Big Rapids is almost a multiversal singularity. This means that the PRCU Big Rapids locations that feature are near-perfect re-creations of the version of the city that the Dozerfleet founder knew in Earth-1218 from the years of 2006-2010. This statement also means that, pre-2018, all Gerosha universe Big Rapids towns are also the same as EccentriaVerse, PRCU, and Dromedeverse Big Rapids towns. In Cataclysmic Gerosha and its derivatives, Halal Affadidah conquers 1/4 of America, leading to drastic alterations that include military seizure of Big Rapids.
    • Biggby Coffee: The Biggby store that Vinny and 2017 Kimberly visit to replace the mug that she destroyed in order to make Slaisionnach vulnerable is almost 100% identical to the Big Rapids Biggby store in the EccentriaVerse. MODM insists on this version of the store, since Kim is wanted for escaping from jail in the EccentriaVerse - and because her cash would register as a counterfeit / duplicate in the EccentriaVerse. She has none of these legal problems in her native universe, and the locals in PRCU Big Rapids neither recognize Vinny nor care. The reason this location is chosen is due to the fact that the canceled 2009 webcomic Ciem 2 was to have its second chapter take place in the Big Rapids Biggby (called the Scarface Beverages in that comic.) Emphasis on Biggby in this comic is also a joking jab at the 2017 film's relentless product placement for Krispy Kreme.
    • Mancino's Pizza and Grinders: Due to this location being slightly larger than the Biggby, Mancino's was made the area where all the Rangers and Volkonir finally meet up again. This is a nod to the Mancino's ad made in 2010 by Dozerfleet Studios for use by Ferris State for inclusion in Ferris State Live and Ferris in Focus ad time slots. It is supposedly identical to the Mancino's in our world, but is actually just a close replica for the game. It's also supposed to be identical to the Mancino's in Volkonir's world, all Geroshas in that part of the time stream, and the 1993 Rangers' world in 2017.

Emoverse locations

  • Chelmsford: This city in Essex Shire in England is the main setting for most events in Emo Rangers. However, only one downtown area is ever depicted during the mid-credits scene of the Hoodie Patrol attacking Stephanie Meanswell. Luke comes to her rescue, but requests other Rangers.
    • Emo Road: This fictional location includes the house where all the Emo Rangers inexplicably live. It has two kitchens and bathrooms, as half the house is for the boys and the other for the girls. However, doorways allow for them to visit each other's sections freely.
  • Emo Command Center: Location where Captain Emohead and Emo 5 reside. This is an approximate re-creation on a residential lot in Willow Creek.



As development continued on the Dozerfleet Megaverse to pave the way of the "Percolation Warriors Saga" in Camelorum Adventures, it was quickly realized that Volkonir needed to have his own mythology advanced further. Volkonir: The Series started getting some attention to plot development, also to allow for revisions to the plot of Volkonir: Rise of Semaphry before it could actually be written - so that bits of continuity could be more cohesive. This need was realized beginning in January of 2017. As a result, Tarantrum was slated to be added into the plot for Rise of Semaphry. Explanations would also be added for why Masato would be unavailable to aid Team Volkonir as Hoshijo turns the government against them, requiring Vinny and Kayla that much more to have to locate the missing Crystal Swan mogriffer.

By February of that same year, a 2-month special of coverage began on the Dozerfleet Database and the Facebook page regarding coverage of Volkonir development. The emphasis was on Volkonir, and on other henshin shows developed by other studios. All front page character articles were characters from either Volkonir mythos directly, or indirectly via mythos pertaining to The Bison. Grinodos had his history mapped a bit more in detail, to tie him in with the mythos of both major characters in the EccentriaVerse.

In addition to this, the Dozerfleet Facebook page did its part to help generate hype for Saban's Power Rangers, out March 24th in theaters. When the film's opening week box office didn't reach anticipated hype levels, fan sites across the web did their part to help the film generate additional revenue to fund a sequel, with viewers in a panic that a sequel might not happen if sufficient international sales didn't pick up the slack. The film faced stiff competition from the likes of Disney releasing its remake of Beauty and the Beast, and from 20th Century Fox releasing Logan.

Box office hopes did not improve drastically leading into May, as Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 completely crushed all its competitors at the box office. A June release date was given for the Power Rangers film reboot, as it was seen that the film would not last at the box office against continued competition from the Guardians film. To make matters worse, DC and Warner Bros. had initiated a release date of their Wonder Woman film for June - something the recent Power Rangers film would not be able to hold out against given the historical significance of Wonder Woman's cinematic history. (The 2009 film was direct-to-video, and the 1974 one was direct-to-television; making the 2017 one the character's first solo cinematic box office outing, and second such outing with a team of heroes after Batman v. Superman in 2016.)

Not to be easily deterred, the Dozerfleet founder developed a rough treatment for a Power Rangers sequel, published to GirlsAskGuys. In a push to further promote the film, Dozerfleet Labs developed Sixam Alien suit repaints from The Sims 4: Get to Work, to make the repainted alien suits look more like Power Ranger suits. While not exact replicas of the film, these new outfits were deemed "an acceptable close approximation." The decision was made in early April to make a fanfic crossover webcomic in which Volkonir would encounter these Rangers - an idea which expanded to include the TV series Rangers and the Emo Rangers.


Volkonir armor

Volkonir's outfit as the Golden Lion Knight is modified from the Get Together expansion pack's knight armors. Additional visual effects are added to the suit to further convey that it is a powered armor. This was used as the basis for all the other Knight armors that would feature later in Rise of Semaphry and Volkonir and the Knights of Cortascius - the series happening during the Camelorum Adventures crossover "A Ferret in the Hand."

Masato armor

Due to an inability to import the samurai armor from The Sims 3 into The Sims 4 properly, a repeat method was often employed to what was used for "Knight and Samurai." Masato's mogrified shots were taken in Sims 3, and later copy-pasted into Sims 4 backgrounds with Photoshop. During one scene involving a battle with Slaisionnach, however, the entire scene was shot in Sims 3 with a close re-creation of Slaisionnach - who needed to have his Sims 4 dreadlocks added in with Photoshop. This is one of the few scenes of the entire comic that was required to be shot with Sims 3, as nearly every single other shot used Sims 4 as a base.

The difficulties with importing Masato in-armor also lead to his armored form getting so little attention in the over-all comic. Most scenes of him are shot without his armor specifically to avoid the need to use Sims 3 stock footage.

TV show Ranger suits

The TV series Rangers' outfits were created using a modified 1995 Black Ranger suit from this post on the Maclimes Tumblr. Due to inability to find a good match for a mesh for their helmets in-game, helmets were taken and modified from various photos found on Google Images. Angle matches in editing were handled as best as possible. The suit mesh didn't want to work right on female Sims, so feminized male mannequins were often used as stand-ins for the morphed female Rangers. Kimberly's skirt had to be painted on in Photoshop.

Film Ranger suits

A modified Get Together helmet re-meshed by Grilled-Cheese-Aspiration on Tumblr was used as the base for the "film" Ranger helmets. The helmets were re-painted to get as close as possible a match to the actual film helmets. DzMD on Tumblr had information added on April 17th for a download of all the necessary mods for Sims 4 players to add these approximate re-creations of the film Rangers' suits to their games.

Additional suits were made for male and female Green Rangers, though these were not emphasized in DeviantArt marketing. On April 18th, the suit designs were submitted to Mod The Sims, though Greenplumbbob ultimately turned the upload down on April 23rd due to a technical issue with the suit brightness levels and some diffusion pattern issues pertaining to the suits' glowing chest diamonds.[1]

The uploads remained on DeviantArt. They were later reused for the treatment for Power Rangers 2; to demonstrate Trini having been captured, Zack and Jason dead, and three new Rangers listed - with APEX trying to deduce their identities. Other details in the image provided indicated APEX trying to get to the Rangers before the more fanatical Silver Guardians (reimagined from the team in Time Force) can get to them. On top of this, there were hints at Edenoi, the Masked Rider, Count Dregon, Lord Zedd, and the return of Rita. Reimagined versions of King Sphinx, Madame Woe, and Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel were also referenced. The three new Rangers are implied to be Rocky, Aisha, and Adam. The treatment also documented in the image description and elsewhere how Tommy could be introduced in the new film as being already the Green Ranger, with the film ending after he successfully becomes the White Ranger. This would allow the film series to encompass the remainder of season 1 of the TV series, many of the highlights of season 2, and hints of the first few episodes of season 3, into a successful and engaging 2-1/2-hour-long film narrative that would catch the 2017-initiated film series up to right before where the 1995 film's plot begins.

Emo Ranger suits

The same process in Sims 4 Studio used to copy the Power Ranger film helmets onto GCA's modified helmet mesh were also used as a means of creating the Emo Rangers' helmets for the story. Their shirts were made from an easily-modified shirt that came with the game. Their pants were mostly intended to modify "near-skin-tight, black" pants for both genders as located inside the game. Stef, Fai, and Vicken required black stockings and black skirts (sometimes a patterned skirt for Fai.) Each Ranger was given tennis shoes that somewhat matched their color schemes. Fai's Emo Ranger symbol is missing on her chest, but she wears an animal fur vest similar in design to her suit in the web series.

Miscellaneous other details that could not be added directly to the Rangers' suits, would be added in post using Photoshop. Attempts were also made to give the non-morphed Emo Rangers wristbands that could be worn outside of morphing that would resemble their Emo Wristband Morphers from the show. However, it was decided later that these details - if depicted at all - would have to be added in post. Initial attempts were unsuccessful to create a mod of the Wristband Morphers. Said Morphers are depicted as being on the Rangers' left wrists in the story, although the show varied but usually depicted them on the right.

In spite the discrepancies, a post on the Dozerfleet Facebook page alerted Emo Rangers series creator Chris Phillips to the existence of the mods. He instantly became a fan of the mods, and blessed efforts to make a Sims comic featuring the Emo Rangers in order to spread their popularity to the Sims gaming community. [2]

Miscellaneous designs


The Volkonir Cycle was designed using a custom diffusion map for a decorative motorcycle mesh created by Sandy of Around the Sims 4. This mesh was based on the one from The Sims 3: Fast Lane for a functional motorcycle in that game. Zords were mostly taken from Google Images, or from Wal-Mart or Amazon clips, and then edited to fit into the background lighting and look less like toys. Other vehicles were decorative pieces, some of them coming from The Sims Resource.


Slaisionnach, to a greater degree than any of his predecessors, was created employing mechanics from the Vampires game pack for Sims 4. Rita's dry cleaning day substitute dress was used as a joke, since an adequate dress for her that was show-accurate was nowhere to be found and would have taken too long to create.


The TV show Rangers' weapons - the few times they're seen - were copy-pasted in from Google Images using references of the actual weapons used on the show. As for the PRCU Rangers; Kimberly, Trini, and Billy's weapons were depicted as blue glowing formations of weapons based on the TV show Rangers' weapons and designs, without the actual weapons manifesting. Jason was given his film Power Sword via Google Images. Zack's Power Ax is a design modified slightly from the Man at Arms Reforged episode in which the crew set out to create a more realistic (less toy-like) version of the same weapon. This is to pay homage to that series, while giving the film Zack a weapon that is both similar and set apart from the one used by the show version.

Selshon, as usual, was entirely painted in. A very simplistic design with a gold handle and glowing silver blade is used, to set this version of Selshon apart from the K-Mart toy that was used in the 2008 version.

Shooting schedule

An early test photo of Vicken as the Weeping Tears Emo Ranger inside of The Sims 4 was uploaded to the DeviantArt channel on April 8th of 2017, beginning the process of developing Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers. An early plot summary was included in the image's description. It was favorited almost immediately by SWDog, and was later added to JMHirda's favorites on April 23rd.

A shot of a horrified Gwirmalesh scolding Slaisionnach for being reckless was uploaded on April 9th, and was quickly followed by other shots. Shooting of footage for the comic was completed on May 22nd.

Editing and publishing

Post-production has been set to resume on Monday, May 28th of 2017. Once the entire thing is sequenced and ready for publication, a publication date will be set. Intended destinations include DeviantArt and Mod the Sims.


The initial releases of crude versions of the story were to DeviantArt, beginning in early April of 2017. The story was planned as early as March 15th of that year, and was determined to be made in later March to coincide with the box office life cycle of the Power Rangers reboot film. Mod The Sims display began on June 18th of 2017, with approval three days later by the site's moderators. The story was initially completed in upload to the site on July 7th around 5:02 AM EDT.

Some issues with Photobucket changing its terms of service led to the images on Mod the Sims being disabled, nearly rendering the comic unintelligible to readers. This problem was fixed later in July, with the official Dozerfleet 3rd party image hosting service being switched from Photobucket to Flickr. More images were added, and could be displayed at higher resolutions. A few jokes were added too.

On July 21st of that year, around 11:00 AM, the story was made available as a downloadable PDF on MediaFire for those who do not use Mod the Sims.

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