Prince Volkonir of Cortascius / Vincent "Vinny" Amadeus Mason is a superhero in the Volkonir universe of Dozerfleet Comics. A Cortascian by birth, he is slightly enhanced over the average human being by his bond to the EccentriaCore of his birth planet. In spite a since-broken spell having kept him preserved to being physiologically hardly a day over 30, he is technically over 400 years old when he begins protecting Bozeman, Montana from the Gwirdons.

He was originally portrayed by John DeBruyn in the promotional materials for the canceled 2008 film Volkonir.

Powers, weaknesses, and equipment


  • Advanced knowledge of EccentriaCore: While not on the level of his father, Volkonir has a large amount of knowledge about the EccentriaCore of Cortascius that enables all Cortascians to be anything beyond human, as well as the Tapestry that hosts the Elite Knight powers, armors, and accessories. As such, he is academically proficient on the level of an A student most of the time. However, he lacks certain specific insights in Earth culture, in spite being trapped in a toy for 400 years. He has not dated since Cortascius, something that Kayla helps him with.
  • Improved strength: Volkonir is stronger than he looks, able to lift weights that he seemingly should not be able to. His strength magnifies considerably in the Golden Lion armor.
  • Healing touch: At the expense of some of his own enhanced energy, he can help allies quickly recover from mild wounds if he touches them.
  • Knight training: Volkonir has considerable combat experience and training, having been taught by the original Crystal Swan Knight Silnya Semaphry.
  • Volkonir gains additional abilities and enhancements when in the Golden Lion armor.


His armor ties to the EccentriaCore make it similar to a battery-powered device, in an almost mystical way. This means that he is vulnerable to draining too quickly and requiring a recharge period. While the armor can take a lot of abuse - and can extend its charged period if mode-enhanced or combined with other Knight powers - wearing it for days on end will eventually force it to power down. There is also a limit to how much punishment he can take - though it is a considerably high amount. Without his armor, he is just slightly tougher than a normal human man.

Volkonir is especially vulnerable to Gwirmalesh's wand - as are all Cortascians. This means he can be put into his toy spell form rather easily if ambushed from behind by the wand when not wearing his armor. Cortascians' exposure to EccentriaCore and its magic have altered their physiology from that of normal humans. Therefore, he risks injury to himself if he remains too long utilizing a Cortascian Knight power that has been reconfigured to work with regular human physiology.

As a consequence, Volkonir can only safely wield the Black Wolf and Golden Lion powers without suffering some drawbacks for having done so. The other Knight powers are reconfigured to work with his new Earth friends, given the lack of qualified Cortascians left to wield the powers.

Percolation-specific issues

See also: Percolation (event)

If Volkonir arrives in the Dromedeverse via the Percolation Wave, the XomiaFaeCore will act as a substitute EccentriaCore. If in the Gerosha Crossover Gaming Universe, the Marlquaan will act as a substitute. However, universes that don't have a planetary core or other meta power source that the Golden Lion can bond to will attempt to channel his EccentriaCore bond across the divide between two universes.

This means he will take a lot longer to recharge between sessions in the armor - and will drain his power much faster. As such, it is not recommended to have him visiting parallel universes within the Dozerfleet Megaverse; as he is considerably weaker in timelines that aren't his own. Other Cortascian Knights would have similar concerns.

It is assumed that in the Marvel Gaming Fanfic Universe, the Power Cosmic would somehow bond to him and keep his power alive. However, this would leave him vulnerable to being controlled by Galactus.


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Character bio

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  • Saving Kayla: Volkonir almost called out to her after noticing her bravery; but decided at the time that it would be better for him to get a job with HanomCorp and adopt the alias of "Vinny Mason" so he could establish a cover for himself.


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  • Cortascian Knight Speed: Wearing the Golden Lion armor magnifies how fast he can run, making him able to keep up with a train in moments of distress.
    • However, going this fast quickly drains his Knight form, requiring him to have a recharge period. Therefore, he typically does not move faster than normal speeds, in spite being able to.
    • When he combines the Golden Lion with other Knight powers, he can briefly approach supersonic speed. His civilian form is able to move at average speeds for someone of his height, weight, and physiological age.
  • Enhanced agility and endurance: Volkonir is pretty tough to take down, even without his armor. However, the EccentriaCore-powered armor significantly increases how much punishment he can take - and dodge.
  • Selshon blasts: Wielding Selshon allows him to slice enemies, inflict energy attack damage, freeze them, or burn them.
  • Cortascian leap: With the help of Selshon, Volkonir is able to leap through the air similarly to Jackrabbit. However, doing this without his armor proves very dangerous, and requires more level of skill.
  • Golden Lion mogriffer
  • Selshon
  • HanomCorp modified vehicles
  • Transporter
  • Other enhancements as HanomCorp needs him to test them.

Cortascian villager disguise
"Vinny Mason" Bozeman resident disguise
Vinny would often go incognito on Cortascius, as he believed it gave him more freedom to follow Silnya on her journeys without drawing undue attention to their party. On Earth, he wears the "Vinny Mason" disguise to blend in as a Bozeman native (and sometimes, a college student.) He would wear other outfits as the occasion called for it, especially with his odd jobs working for HanomCorp.
  • Golden Lion Mogriffer
  • Swtichblade knife
  • Transporter
  • Summoning Selshon

VinnyHanomCorpSecurityOutfit.png (TBA)

Original production-modified Wal-Mart toy used for Volkonir.
Sims 4 concept render of Toy Volkonir.
At the expense of not being able to mogrify nor be fully mobile and useful, Volkonir gained some small advantages to being in enchanted toy form. This allowed him to study Earth culture - particularly American history - while remaining a fairly innocuous entity in the background. He was careful about whom he asked for help, as it rarely went well.
  • Short-range teleportation
  • Telepathic communication
  • Nigh-immortality

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