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What is Nin-Chyo? is Issue #4 of Origins, the first volume of The Gerosha Chronicles in Dozerfleet Comics. It tells the tale of how the nin-chyo substance was first discovered, and how that would eventually lead to the Ming-Yo and Ming-Cho being created.


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After a humiliating defeat, General Feng Shoo and his army are pushed into some snowy mountains. It is in these mountains that a Marlquaan storm occurs, and the side of a hill is hit. Going off to investigate on his own, Feng Shoo discovers a large pile of a mysterious blue substance. He decided to call it "nin-chyo." However, his efforts to keep it concealed under his lead case only last for a short time. An over-curious soul decides to steal some of it, and ends up creating a firework that poisons an entire village. However, direct exposure to it results in his body disintegrating. Feng takes heed of the implications, insisting that the nin-chyo be kept where it cannot harm anyone else.

While he does manage to hide it, rumor of it spreads. Fights break out in a quest for it, to secure its dangerous power. As time passes, it becomes a thing of legend. When merchant Zhin Loo makes a poorly-calculated journey with his daughter Min to France during the French Revolution, he ends up being blown away along with his ship by aggressive revolutionaries. Min is captured. Her last words on the guillotine were: "nin-chyo!!!"

This story remains in the Marrington family, where it eventually comes into the possession of Rob Marrington. The information helps Rob and Hannah understand that they were meant, from long ago, to be the ones to destroy the Ming-Cho.


What is Nin-Chyo? was first envisioned as a story possibility in October of 2010, around the same time as The Tragedy of Lord Zeras, First Meethlites, and Rise of the Phaelites. It was part of a set that preceded The Battle for Gerosha and that tied in with the beginning of Ciem: Vigilante Centipede. When that story was abandoned in favor of Sodality, the prequel stories were kept.

While season 3 of Sodality depends on What is Nin-Chyo? to explain the Ming-Yo and its origins better, just as previously did Ciem: Nuclear Crisis; the story's main focus is on providing the Ming-Cho with an origin story. While a prequel to much of Gerosha continuity overall, the story was intended first and foremost as a prequel to Path of the Ming-Cho.

Characters relevant to it, like Zhin and Min Loo, were defined as long ago as 2006, where they'd have been referenced in the 2006 Despair Gerosha version of Path. General Feng Shoo, however, was not visually defined until February of 2013.

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