"Winter Horrorland" is the final song off the Every Ape and His Brother album Poss Window, and also part of the album Winter Horrorland. It is a dark reinterpretation of "Winter Wonderland."


At a grocery store in 2015, the intercom would play up to five different variations of "Winter Wonderland" around Christmas time. This annoyed many of the workers. In response, this song was written and submitted to AmIRight.


The two kids from "Winter Wonderland" find themselves suddenly visiting a different winter field - and find themselves soon dragged to an evil carnival that is Hell on Earth. Their quest for a new Winter Wonderland finds them living in a horror movie, as the monsters that are after them sing about all the horrible things they intend to do to the children. Adults come to attempt a rescue - and find themselves also targets of the evil carnival's spiteful murder spree.


Winter Horrorland

First verse

Slaughtering, we'll go whistling!!!
Doom and gloom! Are you listening?

So behold the sight, of ashes tonight!
Now that you're in Winter Horrorland!

Going away is your whole life!
Better dodge, incoming knives!

You'll scream till you're gone; this place is so wrong!
Too bad! This is Winter Horrorland!

First chorus

In the meadow, we'll DESTROY your snowman!
Knock his two top parts right to the ground!

He asks: "Are you married?" We'll shout: "SHUT UP!!!!"

(And then we'll kick his pieces all around!!!)

Second verse

Then we'll watch, you expire!
As you buuuurrrrrnn!!! In our fire!!!

Not feeling so brave? This land is depraved!
So what? This is Winter Horrorland!!!

Second chorus

Better run, or you'll soon be a dead man!
Chopped up by an evil circus clown!

Mobster Moe will pump you full of lead, man!
And then he'll show the ravens what he's found!

Third verse

Oh, when it snows; best get running!
Cause for you; we'll be gunning!

No chance to get away!
This is your final day!

Guess you're trapped in Winter Horrorland!

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