"You Drank Too Much Moonshine" is the 12th song off the Every Ape and His Brother album Poss Window. Originally, it was going to be part of a new album. However, that album was canceled in 2016 when Every Ape went on hiatus, thus leading to the song being tacked on to its current album. It is a parody of "Walking on Sunshine," as performed by Katrina and the Waves. It is one of two songs - along with "Fry Jam" - to take place inside the world of Camelorum Adventures.


As the Dozerfleet founder was working at a grocery store, the intercom played "Walking on Moonshine" a bit too often, leading to inspiration on how to change they lyrics to make it funny. Over time, it seemed to make sense that Anita Hallot from Camelorum Adventures might perform this song to someone while she was in the city jail. The song was later written and submitted to AmIRight.


In the Camelorum episode "Twisted Noodle," Anita is framed by Rita Rigatoni for shooting a plane out of the sky. As she is in the Dromedary Heights City Jail, she finds herself sharing a cell with a rock band. They perform the song to make fun of Bobby - who was overwhelming them with the liquor on his breath. Anita's sheer charisma is able to win over nearly everyone - except the guard on duty.



(in holding cell with ANITA and band)

"I don't get it! Why isser ebereeooooone avmeeding voy?"


"Well, pal...if you must know, maybe a song will cue you in!"


"Er...whaaaat? Yer gotta be kiddin' freakin'z me!"


(singing, band playing instruments)


* * *The following is a list of lyrics to a song. * * *

You Drank Too Much Moonshine

(from Camelorum Adventures)

First verse

You probably think that this ain't fair;
But I´m not so sure!

And you just can't wait till they let you out;
Open that door!

You're surrounded by half a rock band;
And you're stuck downtown!

And that reek from your breath has us wish;
That our court dates were now!!!

First chorus

[You drank too much moonshine, wooah!] x 3
[That's why you wanna puke! Yeah!!!] x 2

Second verse

If you think that your life is over, I'm sure that ain't true!
On your way to the sober life; it is waiting for you!

And if your gal wants to bump you off;
It won't be that way!


But you probably should watch your back;
'Cause they'll lock you away!

Second chorus

Oh no!
[You drank too much moonshine, wooah!] x 3
And that was plain rude!! Hey!!!
Not right now!
Why you don't feel good!!
Why you don't feel good!!


[Drank too much moonshine...] x 2

You cannot thrive!
You feel the vibe!
And that is why you smell like eel!

What can I say?
This ain't your day!
Cause now you're screwed; and that's the deal!

[You drank moonshine baby!, Oh!] x 2

Final chorus

[You drank too much moonshine, wooah!] x 3

And you don't feel good!!


Oh, no way!

And you don't feel good!!

I'll say it again, I'll say it again, I'll say it again, pal!

Why you don't feel good!!


"HEY! Quit bullying in there!"

Anita shrugs her shoulders and song ends when band stops playing.

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