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Character bio

Early life

Zize Choi was born in 1997 to a kind, Christian family in rural China, not far from Xian. She had a very insightful minister to further her instruction. She faced bullying in school at age 8; and developed a reputation for fighting back with considerable aggression. She was warned about not being consumed by her own wrath. Yet, she saw injustice and perversion everywhere. It frustrated her to no end that she was not to speak out against it, lest the evildoers of the world in charge of political office "be offended."

Little Shanghai Hornet

When she was 16, in 2013, the corrupt Kai Yun of the Ministry of State Security had her village assaulted by state troops. Zize was abducted, and sexually trafficked by corrupt officials. Her family was murdered, and her minister was exposed and executed. She wondered if, perhaps, Yun were secretly a Hebbleskin - and it were God's mission for her to destroy the Hebbleskins and Yun. If, perhaps, she should pursue personal revenge; as she'd be avenging far more than herself. She was only talked out of it by a friend she made: Mingmei Cheng. Yet, she found no outlet for her inner anguish. The state had declared all her meaningful outlets illegal.

For five years, Zize was a slave under Yun's command, working as a honeypot. However, she often got the really bad clients while Mingmei got the "good" ones. She told Mingmei once that she longed for the day she could fall in love - a day when she would be able to refuse sex, until she believed the moment was right. Then, and only then, she figured, she'd finally enjoy it as much as Mingmei did.

Whenever a situation got too tough in terms of prowess in bed for Zize, Mingmei would bail her out. By contrast, if things turned violent and Mingmei couldn't handle it on her own; Zize would usually prove to be an effective one-woman army. Yun, being the kind of man he was, would insist that Mingmei receive credit for Zize's killing enemies of the state; and would insist on Zize taking credit for some of Mingmei's seductions of clients, just to mess with the girls for daring to support each other.

The Tale of Plumb Bixie

Mingmei was touched by her talks with Zize, however, and wanted to give Zize a chance to escape. She saw this in an upcoming journey to Idaho scheduled in mid-June of 2018, to investigate the whereabouts of the missing Ming-Yo and Ming-Cho projects and assess the Hebbleskin threat. She made certain that Zize's name came out in a drawing, right as Mingmei herself was about to be reassigned to Shing's special task force for combating Hebbleskins in China. Yun vowed to Zize that he'd always be in control of her, somehow.

Zize was sent as a scout, to meet with dignitaries. However, things went south as the Hebbleskins took over Boise. The MSS agents attempted to flee; but they were captured or killed. Zize found herself in a death camp, and was about to be executed. However, she was rescued by another escapee who was being aided by a resistance that had developed. One of the resistance members took a stolen Phex-1 injection formula for a Centhuen Prototype - being reverse-engineered to make better Meethexos - and injected Zize with it right before he was shot down.

Gary Wenzon, trying to help his sickly widowed mother Alyssa escape the Hebbleskins' compound, soon found a very powerful and aggressive ally in Zize. She escapes with them, but passes out. As the man - who would become her husband - nursed her back to health; the two quickly fell in love.

This became reinforced as Zize joined the local resistance to Hebbleskin takeover. And it was compounded when the injection gave her rapid healing, and also accelerated her inner rage in keeping with a Centhuen Prototype. However, the injection didn't give her centilegs, nor complete centuition. It did, however, make her slightly stronger. It also made her an adept learner, able to master various mundane survival skills and weapons very quickly - making her a supreme survivalist.


Within a year of securing a path for the Idaho chapter of the Exodus Agenda to make its way to Texas; the Wenzons embarked with others on the journey. However, the Hebbleskins gave pursuit - and eventually located the Exodus Agenda camps of various states as they converged in Oklahoma near the border with Texas.

Gary and Alyssa were both killed amid the ambush; with Zize vowing to avenge them. Having had the agent alias of "Plum Bixie," Zize fashioned a mask for herself. She headed to California, to aid in a purge of the Hebbleskins invading there even as China was colonizing California. She tried to remain a secret vigilante, convinced she'd be sent back to China and punished if it were revealed she were still alive.


She finally at one point rescued Yun himself from Hebbleskin captivity, in order to keep him from betraying secrets to Arfaas' men. But was compelled to kill him in spite her wish to rise above her lust for vengeance, as he threatened to report her for not coming back to him, ungrateful for being rescued.

Zize was devastated by being a widow, and longed for a family again. Missing both families she had, memories flooded her of the words of her old pastor. It bothered her that the only thing she seemed to be able to do was keep killing; and she feared the loss of her humanity - or that God had abandoned her.


Finally discovering the Ming-Yo's location, she headed to assist the Sodality in defeating Capp Aard and reclaiming it. She vanished again afterward, and was nearly captured by SCALLOP for being an "unauthorized" Altered.


Zize eventually began to challenge herself to use weaker and weaker weapons, as using more powerful ones only made her feel like a bully. As her PTSD and other mental health issues grew worse, flashbacks and guilt made it difficult for her to sleep. As she started becoming suicidal in 2026, however, she was discovered by an ailing-but-still-alive Vince Finton. The Navyropes were being considered a "cult" by mainstream society by that point; but Zize readily joined in order to find a purpose for living other than killing.

She retained the mask and killer outfit, in case Plum Bixie needed to resurface. Yet, she fell in love with Amado Marcones - the cousin of Pam Marcones, who fled into exile with her; rather than disown her like the others in the Marcones family for her marriage to Extirpon. Zize and Amado married within a year. Yet, she still struggled with sleepwalking, and with PTSD flashbacks and nightmares, as her guilt gripped her and her grasp of reality grew thinner.


After the Chrome Kite takeover of Arkansas, Amado and Zize help become news couriers to keep John Domeck and his camp in exile up to date on the Swappernetters' goings-on. After Tabitha Pang and her company have achieved their primary objective, however, there needed to be a way to make Mallorie Philippine the new Bearer of Hester's Locket. Zize was elected to be the one to deliver it to her, while a decoy was put into an SWCC vault to fool the Icy Finger.

Tests performed revealed that the damage to Zize's normal brain wiring by years of nearly unceasing trauma couldn't easily be fixed just by the healing factor she'd acquired through her Centhuen Prototype Phex-1 injection. She needed more thorough treatment. Tearfully, Amado agreed to have his wife committed to the Gum Arabic Mental Hospital. She was treated for a year by Hadley Mint, who was herself a patient there more than 20 years before.

By 2033, however, the Chrome Kite had been destroyed. Rappaccini's forces were sent into retreat all over the world. Fragments of it continued to harass what remained of the US; but Zize's troubles were mostly over. She celebrated being able to finally rest peacefully, by crafting a new Plum Bixie outfit - then putting it in storage, and praying she'd never again need it. She donated her prior outfit to Hea Pang's museum, stating: "Pray the day never comes, that I ask for it back."


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  • Zize Choi first got her "Plum Bixie" alias from a doctored photo of a real-life call center worker from China.
    • Plum Bixie: Shanghai Nights was proposed as a way in 2016 and 2017 to expand on the Team Black Rat mythos in Sodality, to take it beyond the limitations of being just about Shing, Mingmei, Wen, and Chen.
  • Zize's appearance beyond that real-life call center worker, and conversion in-canon from a mere honeypot and spy to a tragic action heroine with rapid healing; was inspired by her being re-created as an avatar and stand-in for the Junior Deputy in a PS4 play-through of Far Cry 5, first played by the Dozerfleet founder in late October of 2018.
    • Per a nod to Far Cry New Dawn, Zize's fox warrior outfit was furthermore inspired the default outfit worn by the Judge.
  • "Plum Bixie" as a term has multiple layers of meaning.
    • "Zize" is Chinese for "violet," in keeping with "plum."
    • Her Far Cry avatar was first given a purple tank top.
    • A "bixie" is a mythical fox-like protector, similar to the Japanese kitsune. It is the female version of the pixiu.
      • However, Zize's "Plum Bixie" mask looks less like a true bixie, and more similar to the huli jing, a nine-tailed fox spirit sometimes believed to be an evil omen in Chinese mythology.
        • Zize herself stuck to the "Bixie" alias, because it was her spy alias. But kept the huli jing mask, because it was practical in comparison. Being Chinese herself, she should be better able than westerners to tell the difference between the bixie and a huli jing; but her lack of caring can be partially chalked up to her progressive descent into mental illness.
    • The word is often mis-pronounced by English speakers, not as "bee-shee" but as "bik-see," similar to a "pixie." Zize has a bit of a "pixie" bob haircut.
      • She can be described as moving about "with the grace of a fairy," but with "all the mercy of a B-52."

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